Nalen Ayurveda

Service: Branding & Logo, Product Design, Photography

Nalen Ayurveda is a skincare brand with products that are natural, vegan, organic and using plant-based Ayurvedic ingredients and sustainable packaging. 

The contrasting colour blocks and angles on the branding are used to symbolise the eternal quest for balance in Ayurveda. 

Using simple and clean lines, Sanskrit wording is used on the products to recognise the Indian roots and heritage of the brand. The colours of the products and packaging are based on the five elements of nature in Ayurveda; Space (akasha), Air (vayu), Fire (tejas), Water (jala), and Earth (prithvi).

Service: Social Media Management 

We manage all social media content for Nalen. We create and design a mix of GIFs, infographics and combine with product photography to give Nalen’s audience a balanced feed of beautiful, educational and commerce.