Drink Syndikat

Service: Launch Video, Social Media & Website Content

Erik and Jens co-founded Drinks-Syndikat in 2014 with the mission to create high quality drinks that were easy to prepare at home.

We were approached to launch Drinks-Syndikat’s first in house product, Cookie Dough Rum. The brief asked us to create an element of magic, incorporating ingredients and at the same time keeping a premium feel of the product.

We storyboarded, styled and produced the video combing green screens, live action, and animation.

Service: Photography, Social Media & Website Content

Cookie Dough Rum is a blend of two premium rums from Barbados and Panama, which are matured for 8 and 14 years respectively. Infused with caramel, vanilla pods and a distillate from real cookie dough, making this a very delicious spirit.

We styled and photographed a series of images to capture the elements of the brand to use on Social media and their website.

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